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All about Work energy theorem by experts

Work energy theorem

Work energy theorem


Work energy theorem , work energy principle.

According to this principle , work done by net force in displacement a body is equal to change in kinetic energy of the body.

Work energy theorem.

In everyday language , we often usebthe terms ' work' , ' Energy' , work energy theorem .a teacher is teaching a class , a student preparing for examination ,mom cooking foofd, a farmer ploughing the field ,all are said to be working. A person who can put in long hours of work is said to have large stamina or more energy. In karate or boxing , we talk work energy theorem , we shall see int his unit that the exact defination of the three terms are related at a great speed . Work energy theorem.

Work . Work energy theorem basic

Work energy theorem
In physic ,work and energy have precise meaning , which must not be confused with there everyday meaning .for example , when we lift boxes of books onto library sheleves ,we have get tried and hungry .we need to eat food to get more energy . We define ,work W as the emergy tranferred to or from an object by means of a force acting on the object.

Work is said to be done byba force when the body is displaced actually through some distance in the direction of  the applied force.

Infact ,work done by the force is the product of component of force in the. Direction of the displacment and the amgnitude of the displacment.

W=(f cos)s


In the to day life , we use the term energy in many ways , work energy theorem , for example , a child who runs and plays long after adults are tried is said to be full of energy . When a person has lot of energy ,he can run faster or farther : he can jump higher and so on .

The concept of energy allows us to keep track of the changes that take place in a system . The system could be our body , our car , our home , the earth or even the universe . Some of the characteristics of energy are:

1.the entire matter possesss energy

2. Energy menifect in some many differnt forms 

Energy of the body as the capacity or ability of the body to do the work 

Work energy theorem 

Retain in memory 

1.  Whereas newtons second law is a realtion betwwen acceleration and force at any instant of time , work energy theorem involves over an interval of time.

2. Newtons second law in two. Or three dimensions is in vector form , but the work energy theorem is in scalar form.

3. In the above discussion , we have assumed that the work done by the force is effective only in changeing the kinetic energy of the body . It should ,however , be remembered that work done on a body may also be stored in the body in the form of poteniol energy

In this event , we shall say that work done = increase inPE of the body .

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