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sardar vallabhbhai patel, iron man of india , statue of unity

sardar vallabhbhai patel

sardar vallabhbhai patel

sardar vallabhbhai patel was a freedom fighter  ,he was born on 1857  ,and he was die on 1950.

1. A freedom fighter and social reformer from gujarat, he is popularly known as sardar Patel and honoured with the title of the Iron Man of India 

2. His father, jhaverbhai Patel, is supposed to have fought in the army of Rani of jhansi in the revolt of 1857.

3.  He started the Kheda or kaira satyagrah in 1918.  And fought for the rights of the peasants in Bardoli satyagrah.  Here, he was honoured with the title sardar .

4. He was the first national leader to be arrested during the civil disobedience movement.

5. He played a major role in integrating the 562 states in the Indian union.

6. He participated in Gandhi individual satyagrah and Quit India movement.

7. In post indepandance period, he was appointed as the first deputy Prime Minister of India along with the portfolios of the information and broadcasting and home ministry

8. He was die on 1950 .

9. The stuchu of unity in Gujarat is of sardar vallabhbhai patel

10. He is the Iron Man of India.

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