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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

what is village in india, is it good then city or not .


1.what is village? 

it just a nice question but in short cut village in which people known by there father name and in city people known by there number plate . village in which people a family and villagers knowe each other very well  and  they know each other very well  and live like a family they eat healty and live healty  .and in every thing village is better then city .

 now in hindi.

1. moring of village and villagers

the morning of village is very nice it just like a havan  every teenagers wake up early in the morning and go to the race track for there fitness and to join the army ,and in haryana army fan following is very high  from 100% ,60% teenagers dream to join the indian army , and in haryana indian army is not a comman word it just a brand . and every teenagers want to join .and the plder person most off people do agricluture.but there life is not easy but easy they enjoy there life but they have to much work in there feilds most of the time they hav to wke up in mid night and have to go to there fields to change the line of sprinkles. and in midnight they chnage the row of sprinkle and make another row of sprinkle and they do work in there field daily very hard but in last they didnot gain more money to spend on there life .

now the indian woman 
the indian woman is always best .they work hard then man the dont have any holiday in there life they always work without any excuse  thye live a very happy life then the city 

noew the marriage in village .
 it just a very nice topic ,the marriage in village is like a festival , every people enjoy this moment in merRAGE  ,this is the very happist moment in village bridge friend dance like a crazy man .
villagers food 

the food of villagers is just wow ,thye eat a very healty food  and  freesh food  

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